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Discovering the Mysteries of Assam -India’s Loveliest Northeastern State


Assam offers visitors abundant natural beauty, cultural vibrancy and delectable cuisine. Read on to explore the best of what this northeastern state has to offer.

A Land of Rivers, Tea Gardens and Valleys

  • Cradled by the mighty Brahmaputra and its many tributaries which sustain vibrant wildlife
  • Cloaked in emerald green tea plantations producing some of the world’s finest tea leaves
  • Characterized by breathtaking valley

Cultural Kaleidoscope

  • Home to over 30 ethnic communities who each have unique customs, languages and traditions
  • Major tribes include Bodo, Mishing, Kaibarta, Koch-Rajbongshi and Dimasa
  • Festivals like Bihu, Ambubachi and Ali-Ai-Ligang are occasions of celebration and revelry

Rich Heritage and Architecture

  • Architectural wonders includeKamakhaya Temple, Charaideo and Siva Dol
  • 15th century Ahom kingdom left a deep imprint through its palaces and ruins
  • Xinjian Monastery and Majuli are spiritual centers of Vaishnavite and Buddhist culture

Cuisine that Tantalizes the Senses

  • Rice is staple along with fish curries and meat preparations flavoured with mustard oil
  • Signature snacks include pitha,tilli,jawar or bora saul – all steamed or baked winter delights
  • Locally brewed potent rice beers and herbal wines are part of social bonding

Adventure Activities Galore

  • Spot rare hornbills,elephants,rhinos in World Heritage national parks of Kaziranga,Manas
  • White water rafting, hiking, camping in destinations like Hajo,Barpeta and Nameri
  • Angling pleasures amid clear streams teeming with Mahseer, Pathar and Tor

Wildlife Encounters

  • Kaziranga is one-horned rhino haven, also home to tigers, elephants, wild water buffaloes
  • Manas National Park shelters rare golden langur and hispid hare in foothills of Himalayas
  • Orang National Park and Nameri Sanctuary provide opportunities to spot diverse birdlife

Key Highlights

  • Major cities of Guwahati, Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Sivasagar rich in cultural heritage
  • World’s largest river island of Majuli, UNESCO recognized site for Vaishnavite monasteries
  • Handloom,wood and bamboo handicrafts capture unique Assam aesthetic

Festivals of Assamese Culture

  • Bihu marks spring harvest and new year celebrated with traditional songs and dances
  • Ali-Aye-Ligang is Boat race festival of Bodos held with ceremonial processions
  • Ambubachi signifies goddess Kamakhya’s menstrual cycle with visitors seeking her blessings

Handlooms and Handicrafts

  • Muga, pat and eri silks are handwoven into traditional sarees,mekhela chador outfits
  • Cane and bamboo crafting yields furniture, objects d’art including Kamakhya temple’s idol
  • Bell metal and brassware items from Sualkuchi echo Assam’s artistic heritage

Backwaters and Wetlands

  • Brahmaputra and its tributaries flow through scenic backwaters and marshes
  • Floodplains harbour migratory birds in winter, including threatened Siberian Cranes
  • Livelihood based on fishing and cultivation of water hyacinth, nut grass in floating gardens

Getting Around

  • Domestic and global connectivity via Guwahati airport, rail links to major cities
  • Buses, auto-rickshaws for transportation within cities and towns
  • Chartered boats, vehicle rentals can be arranged for sightseeing remote destinations

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